401 S. Park Avenue, Sanford, FL 32771

Book Club is an on-going meeting for those who wish to grow their faith in community with others.  We read a book that is chosen by the group and discuss it for however long it may take to get to the end.  Thus, each week’s reading may be a whole chapter or a few pages depending on the book and the topic.  We read some of the leading theologians from today and yesterday who can lead us into deeper relationships with each other and with God.  We begin and end with prayer, which includes petitions such as, “gift us with holy humor and humility so that not only this meeting but all our lives may be a meeting place for Your Kingdom”; and “for the gifts of fellowship and understanding, of mutual respect and shared vision, we are grateful.  For the gifts of perseverance and of insight into the common concerns we share, and for these and all other graces, we are thankful.”  We have changed within ourselves as a result of this and seen some phenomenal growth among those who participate.  
We meet on Zoom because there are three members who are not local.  It has worked out well.  We do not record our sessions because we sometimes delve into issues that are deeply personal.  So what is said in Book Club stays in Book Club.  There is no question that is too “out there.”    We are all at different points in our faith journeys, so we build each other up.  To get an invite to the meeting or for more information, send an email to [email protected].  
As one member put it: “When I read a book, I only get out of it what ‘my mind’ thinks.  I find so much joy, value and challenge to hearing how others read and interpret what we are reading and discussing.  This builds me up and builds community. Well worth the investment of time and energy!”  Another member said “It is a lot of fun.”  Come join us at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesdays.