401 S. Park Avenue, Sanford, FL 32771

“The Church of the Holy Cross” as it was known in 1873 when it was consecrated, is the Mother Church for this area. Land was provided by General Sanford and his wife, Gertrude, solicited most of the donations for the building of this landmark church. The first church building was destroyed by hurricane in 1880. Immediately work began on a second building. It flourished providing worship opportunities and a haven for the community with its theatre and bowling alley. This church building, along with the parish and several buildings in the vicinity burned in 1923. The present building was then built.

While the story of the historical building is important, it is the story of the people that is truly impressive. The congregation has seen much sadness through the years; however, it has always shown perseverance and compassion for others. Our members started Grace ‘n Grits, which became a program to feed the hungry offered by several area churches; they helped develop The Christian Sharing Center that helps those less fortunate with shelter, food, clothing, and jobs; as well as many other community efforts. As we celebrate our history, we look forward to what the possibilities are for the future—the lives we can impact, the history that we will create, the love that we can spread.